Elevate Your Storage Solutions with Exquisite Wardrobes

Welcome to Design Point Furniture, where innovation meets functionality in the realm of wardrobe design. Discover a range of handcrafted wardrobes that seamlessly blend style and storage, tailored to transform your living spaces.

Explore Our Wardrobe Collections:

  • Contemporary Elegance: Immerse yourself in the sleek lines and modern aesthetics of our contemporary wardrobe designs. Each piece is a fusion of form and function, offering a stylish solution for your storage needs.

  • Classic Charm: Experience the timeless allure of our classic wardrobes, where traditional craftsmanship meets enduring design. Elevate your bedroom with these meticulously crafted pieces that stand the test of time.

  • Customization Options: Tailor your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Choose from a palette of finishes and configurations, ensuring your wardrobe seamlessly integrates into your space.

3 Doors Wardrobe

This sturdy wardrobe has everything you could wish for. A clothes rail, adjustable shelves, locks on the doors – and the same simple, timeless expression as all the other furniture in the NODELAND series.


The classic design with panelled doors never goes out of style. Are you on your way? Use the full-length mirror so you can see your outfit from top to toe. Psst! Please attach to the wall.

Wardrobe (2 Doors & 2 Drawers)

Now you don’t have to choose between hanging or folding your clothes. In the compact VILHATTEN wardrobe there is room for both. It also takes up little floor space – perfect in both a hallway and bedroom.

Why Choose Design Point Furniture Wardrobes?

  • Crafted to Perfection: Our wardrobes are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

  • Smart Storage Solutions: Experience intelligent storage with our wardrobes, designed to optimize space while providing easy access to your belongings.

  • Personalized Style: Express your individual style with our customization options, allowing you to create a wardrobe that reflects your unique taste and complements your interior design.

Shop Now and Redefine Your Storage Experience

Explore our online catalog or visit our showroom to witness the marriage of design and functionality in Design Point Furniture wardrobes. Elevate your storage solutions with furniture that not only organizes but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

Revitalize your living spaces with Design Point Furniture – where wardrobes become statements of style and practicality.

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